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Bitey the Cat, "Friend" of the Montecito Cheese Rat

Bitey the Cat, "Friend" of the Montecito Cheese Rat

Huckster or Holy Man? 

Church of the Blue Moon/Moonbeams on your naked Booty 

Artist/Writer Farrell Hamann

Part of the 10 Building Castle Village Set
If you are a billionaire, you can buy on of these for you pet Montecito Cheese Rat, good luck finding a rat for sale, almost easier to purchase the Hope Diamond. The rats are that rare.

25 room Palace sculpture by sculptor, Farrell Hamann

Vary rare photo of the a Montecito Cheese Rat. Favorite pet of the millionaires and billionaires of Montecito, California (Near Santa Barbara) Oprah Winfrey has several. If you see a rat in a yellow diamond choker, it's one of these. They love Pinconning Cheese the best.

Wild Fennel is used in the best estates and villas of Montecito to provide the rats with the lovely aroma of crushed fennel. The prefer the wild variety. Nobody in Montecito is about to risk depriving their rare animal a treat of any sort. These rats are spoiled like their owners!

Red Clover plants There is a rat napping in there but it's really hard to see because it's owner outfitted it with a little hand tailored camouflage suit. Just for fun...

Killer Toxic Bugs from Outer Space
An Out By Noon Video

The Montecito Cheese Rat (you don't want to miss seeing this. Also pointers on how not to totally blow it with the snooty rich people of Montecito

$100,000 reward for this evil black cat with the glowing eyes. It ate a Cheese Rat owned by a well known movie star.

An oil painting of Hi Fi, a cat famous for stalking cheese rats and starting the infamous Montecito Cheese Rat/Cat war. The painting is from the early 1950's and is the only known remaining image of Hi Fi. The artist is extremely well know in the world of fine art but has chosen to remain anonymous fearing the possibility of a Mafia contract on his life. The painting is titled: "Hi Fi in Mood"

The title of this art photograph is: "Oh come home, little rat, come home!"

Funerary Urns and Monuments by California artist, Farrell Hamann 

Beat Up, Broken, and Discarded, but yet cool (KooL) - The old gray chair

Beat Up, Broken, and Discarded, but yet cool (KooL) - The old gray chair

 Sphere Sculpture: Farrell Hamann Fine Art/Sacrameto/Montecito, CA  
Cool woman blogger, Olivia Emisar 

S-Type Jaguar. A cute love story about a clueless old King. Church of the Blue Moon 

Funerary Urns and Monuments by artist, Farrell Hamann 
 Urnen und Denkmäler von Kalifornien Künstler, Farrell Hamann 

The Great Blue Frog as Art Critic

The Great Blue Frog and his cabbage

The Great Blue Frog and the Snake!
The Great Blue Frog plays with marbles 

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Lone Camel of the Desert

Above: Cool woman blogger, Olivia Emisar, who writes very well and gives the big picture

Funerary Urns and Monuments by California artist, Farrell Hamann 
 Urnen und Denkmäler von Kalifornien Künstler, Farrell Hamann

For those who like to play: "Stump the car buff" What make, model, year is this car?

Corvette Police car. Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

My very sweet fan mail from a dear woman named Ann Thrax. Oddly, the envelope contained a white powder that taste like shrooms!

Church of the Blue Moon/Moonbeams on your Naked Booty

@farrellhamann on twitter and my YouTube Channel is: farrellhamann

The Great Blue Frog as Art Critic

The Great Blue Frog eats his cabbage

The Great Blue Frog and the Snake 

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 Dumpster Divers of America and Canada

What are your going to do when gas drillers frack land near you and ruin your water supply with toxic chemicals? This is happening now! Do you have livestock?, do your kids wade in the creek?

Monday, January 23, 2012

Farrell Hamann Fine Art/Mall rehab

Paintings, Castles, Palaces, Hangings, Mosaics, Toys, Sculpture, Video, Writing
 Картины, замки, дворцы, портьеры, мозаика, игрушки, скульптуры, видео, письма
                        Farrell Hamann Fine Art. California's best artist and writer
 Фаррелл Hamann изобразительного искусства. Лучший Калифорнии художник и писатель
YouTube Channel: farrellhamann 
You want to visit my YouTube Channel and see my comedy spy series. 
 Вы хотите, чтобы посетить мой канал на YouTube и посмотреть комедию мой шпион серии

Artist/Writer wearing hat, socks, and palm frond
From the Atelier Farrell Hamann in Northern California
 Исполнитель / Автор носить шляпы, носки, и ветвь пальмы

В ателье Hamann Фаррелл в Северной Калифорнии

Have not wore these speedos for 28 years. Last wore them in Palm Springs, CA. Custom make barbells/dumbells, haha  The elastic is totally gone.
Не носили эти плавки в течение 28 лет. Последний носил их в Палм-Спрингс, штат Калифорния. Пользовательские сделать штанги / гантели, хаха упругой полностью исчезли.

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Note: My problem with Newt Gingrich is not that just that he looks like a FETUS, although he does, my problem is that he's a lying asshole like Mitt Romney. Santorum (creepy) 
Примечание: Моя проблема с Ньют Гингрич не так просто, что он похож на плод, хотя он и делает, моя проблема в том, что он лежал мудак, как Митт Ромни. Санторум (жутко)
Above: Black hand & Jolly Roger
 Вверху: Черная рука и Веселый Роджер

Dogs made a little offering to Mitt Romney's Church of Evil, Sexist, and Perverted
 Собаки сделали немного жертву церкви Митта Ромни зла, сексистские и Извращенная

I normally don't tuck my shirt into my underwear (my best pair!) Unless I wearing a sidearm!
Я обычно не заправить рубашку в нижнем белье (моя лучшая пара!)

Dead guy? Just some dude I found in the alley. Somewhat ripe, I must say.
  Мертвый парень? Просто какой-то чувак я нашел в переулке. Несколько спелых, я должен сказать

Set of Riffler files and rasps used in my artwork. Very handy for making plaster castles and sculpture. Works well with wood working also.

Pango smuggler boat abandoned a bit North of Santa Barbara, California. 4 outboard engines.
Pango контрабандист лодки отказались немного к северу от Санта-Барбаре, штат Калифорния. 4 подвесных лодочных моторов.

 I think George W. Bush should wrap his "stuff" up in aluminum foil and run out into an electrical storm.
Я думаю, что Джордж Буш должны обернуть его "материал" в алюминиевую фольгу и выбежать грозы.

 See, I get fan mail! This is a letter from a sweet girl named Ann Thrax or Anthrax. Strange white powder that taste like mushrooms! Very thoughtful of her.
Смотрите, я получаю писем от поклонников! Это письмо от милая девушка по имени Энн Фракийского или сибирской язвы. Странно белый порошок со вкусом грибов! Очень мило с ней.

Gecko in deep shit, you don't bonk the boss's wife!

Trump Hotels burn your toast and The Donald's hair looks like ass
 Трамп отели записать тост и волосы Дональда выглядит задница
 Hôtels Trump brûler votre pain grillé et des cheveux L'Donald ressemble à cul
 Hotel Trump membakar roti panggang dan Rambut Donald terlihat seperti pantat
 Trump Hotels brennen Sie Ihre Toast und des Donalds Haar sieht aus wie Arsch
فنادق ترامب حرق الخبز المحمص والشعر ودونالد يشبه الحمار
Zombie (I can see right through your clothes) 
 Zombie (Näen läpi vaatteita)
 Zombie (je peux voir à travers vos vêtements)
 Zombie (que puedo ver a través de la ropa)
 Zombie (pot vedea chiar prin hainele tale)
 ज़ोंबी (मैं अपने कपड़े के माध्यम से देख सकते हैं)
 Зомбі можу бачити крізь одяг)
 Zombie (Eu posso ver através de suas roupas)
 Zombie (Matau teisę per savo drabužius)
 좀비 (제가 바로 옷을 투시할 수)
Зомби (я могу видеть сквозь одежду! Ха-ха)Below video: Frank Zappa!!

Below: Toxic killer robot bugs from deep space (video) 
 Внизу: токсичные убийца робот ошибок из глубокого космоса (видео)

OK, I'm going into the Mall, Shopping Center rehab business as of today.  Declining malls are carpeting America, they need a creative rehab, some fun and practicality injected.  As you may know, I have a huge collection and could provide an attractant on my own.  I've talked to the mall people, they come and go....   Contact me at:
 Хорошо, я иду в торговый центр, торговый центр реабилитации бизнеса, как сегодня. Снижение торговых центров являются ковровые покрытия Америке, они нуждаются в творческой реабилитации, повеселиться и практичность впрыском. Как вы знаете, у меня есть огромная коллекция и может обеспечить приманка сама по себе. Я говорил в торговый центр людей, они приходят и уходят .... Свяжитесь со мной по адресу:

Cheetos are messing up your life, people. Kick the Cheetos habit and tell Frito-Lay to go suck an egg. Bad oils, salt, GMO's, you hardly stand a chance with Cheetos.
 Cheetos будут портить свою жизнь, людей. Пинок Cheetos привычки и сказать Frito-Lay идти сосать яйца. Плохо масла, соль, ГМО, вы вряд ли шанс с Cheetos.

Below: Smoke coming up out of a hillside facing the beach in Hope Ranch, California near Santa Barbara. Super hot tar and steam? Brought to you by a friend of the Montecito Cheese Rat.