Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bitey the Cat, "Friend" of the Montecito Cheese Rat

Bitey the Cat, "Friend" of the Montecito Cheese Rat

Huckster or Holy Man? 

Church of the Blue Moon/Moonbeams on your naked Booty 

Artist/Writer Farrell Hamann

Part of the 10 Building Castle Village Set
If you are a billionaire, you can buy on of these for you pet Montecito Cheese Rat, good luck finding a rat for sale, almost easier to purchase the Hope Diamond. The rats are that rare.

25 room Palace sculpture by sculptor, Farrell Hamann

Vary rare photo of the a Montecito Cheese Rat. Favorite pet of the millionaires and billionaires of Montecito, California (Near Santa Barbara) Oprah Winfrey has several. If you see a rat in a yellow diamond choker, it's one of these. They love Pinconning Cheese the best.

Wild Fennel is used in the best estates and villas of Montecito to provide the rats with the lovely aroma of crushed fennel. The prefer the wild variety. Nobody in Montecito is about to risk depriving their rare animal a treat of any sort. These rats are spoiled like their owners!

Red Clover plants There is a rat napping in there but it's really hard to see because it's owner outfitted it with a little hand tailored camouflage suit. Just for fun...

Killer Toxic Bugs from Outer Space
An Out By Noon Video

The Montecito Cheese Rat (you don't want to miss seeing this. Also pointers on how not to totally blow it with the snooty rich people of Montecito

$100,000 reward for this evil black cat with the glowing eyes. It ate a Cheese Rat owned by a well known movie star.

An oil painting of Hi Fi, a cat famous for stalking cheese rats and starting the infamous Montecito Cheese Rat/Cat war. The painting is from the early 1950's and is the only known remaining image of Hi Fi. The artist is extremely well know in the world of fine art but has chosen to remain anonymous fearing the possibility of a Mafia contract on his life. The painting is titled: "Hi Fi in Mood"

The title of this art photograph is: "Oh come home, little rat, come home!"

Funerary Urns and Monuments by California artist, Farrell Hamann 

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