Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lone Camel of the Desert

Above: Cool woman blogger, Olivia Emisar, who writes very well and gives the big picture

Funerary Urns and Monuments by California artist, Farrell Hamann 
 Urnen und Denkm√§ler von Kalifornien K√ľnstler, Farrell Hamann

For those who like to play: "Stump the car buff" What make, model, year is this car?

Corvette Police car. Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

My very sweet fan mail from a dear woman named Ann Thrax. Oddly, the envelope contained a white powder that taste like shrooms!

Church of the Blue Moon/Moonbeams on your Naked Booty

@farrellhamann on twitter and my YouTube Channel is: farrellhamann

The Great Blue Frog as Art Critic

The Great Blue Frog eats his cabbage

The Great Blue Frog and the Snake 

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 Dumpster Divers of America and Canada

What are your going to do when gas drillers frack land near you and ruin your water supply with toxic chemicals? This is happening now! Do you have livestock?, do your kids wade in the creek?

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